Galvanized steel strip/coil

Galvanized steel strip/coil

Galvanized steel belt/strip for prestressed steel duct

Galvanized steel belt is made from general steel belt, after acid picking, galvanization, packing etc. it is widely used because of its good anti-corrosion property. And it is mainly used for making metal products which is cold processed and won’t be galvanized again, like light steel keel, fence netting column, water channel, rolling door, bridge trey and so on.

Our factory has 3 sets of 610mm width hot galvanized aluminum, zinc, silicon alloy metal strip plant, 3 sets of big size six reversible rolling mill units, 2 sets of big size four units five in parallel mill units, 5 sets of precision slitting cutter machine, and 1 set of high quality color-coated plant.

We can produce zinc coated steel strip and color-painted steel strip

with width: 25mm-700mm, 800mm-1250mm;(general is 610mm,630mm wide)

Thickness: 0.23mm-3.5mm

Annual output: 300,000 tons.

The steel strip is widely used for color substrate, grain store, the keel material, zinc-coated building material, galvanized pipe, spiral prestressed duct, C-type steel, cable bridge, solar energy components etc.

We do have ISO9001 certificate.  

Our general zinc coat thickness is 60g/m2, deviation is ±10g/m2. if special demand, please mention.

Packing method is non-corrosive paper/ iron skin/ woven bag, retainer, wooden stock.