SS316 Static Mixer

SS316 Static Mixer

1)      Static Mixer can also be called pipe mixer, pipeline mixer

2)      Series: SK,SX,SH,SL,SV,SX2

3)      Boby material: Carbon Steel, SS304,SS316,SS321, Enamel, PVC, CPVC, PTFE, PVDF, PP, PE, ABS etc.

4)      Diameter: 25mm-600mm

5)      Mixing element/Inserts: dismountable; welded and fixed; spiral, PVC, PP, PE, PVDF, SS304,SS316 etc.

6)      Working Media: High molecular component; water; chemical liquid, liquid and gas mixing etc.

7)      There are no moving parts in static mixer, all it used is the mixing element structure and liquid moving, make several liquids separating and mixing. When working, static mixer always work with distributor, and there always install distributor in the front of mixer, and make couples of connectors, that will be called dosing pipe mixer. And if put several mixers in parallel, then it becomes tube type heat exchanger

8)      SV static mixer:

SV element is made of corrugated board with certain specification, max. dispersion degree is 1-2μm, liquid-liquid and gas-gas uniformity coefficient Sx≤1~5%. Adaptable to liquid-liquid, gas-gas, liquid-gas viscosity ≤102cp mixing emulsification, reaction, absorption, extraction and heat exchangement. Could accept few non sticky impurity.

9)      SK  static mixer

SK element is made of single hole left and right twisted plate, dispersion degree is not more than 10μm, liquid-liquid and gas-gas uniformity coefficient Sx≤ 5%. Adaptable to chemical industry, oil, medician, food, precision processing, politics, synthetic fibre, mining and so on. mixing emulsification, reaction, absorption, extraction and heat exchange. Used for small capacity flow, with impurity or viscosity ≤106.

10) SX  static mixer

SX element is made of many cross chips, uniformity coefficient Sx≤1- 5%, dispersion degree is t more than 10μm, adaptable to big capacity, and middle and higher viscosity ≤104cp liquid-liquid reaction, Mixing, absorption to be polymers.

11) SH static mixer

SH element is made of double pores, there are screw panels in pore, the next element pore direction mismatch 90°, there are not re-distribution space between 2 elements. The max. distribution degree is 1-2mm, liquid-liquid uniformity coefficient is Sx≤1~5%. Adaptable to precision processing, politics, polymer fibre, mining etc. liquid mixing, emulsification, coloring, injection moulding, heat transferring. Good at mixing small capacity but higher mixing request clean media. (≤106cp)

12) SL static Mixer

SL element is made of cross clips, making X shape, but different with SX element. Used for liquid to liquid, liquid-solid mixing. uniformity coefficient Sx≤5%. Adaptable to  chemical industry, oil, grease etc., whose viscosity≤106cp or with polymer media. Also do heat transferring, and heat reaction.