automatic self cleaning filter for sediment water

automatic self cleaning filter for sediment water

Technical Description:

PLC Controller- Siemens, Magnetic Drain Valve – Dorot Israel, Reducing Valve, Vibration Proof Differential Pressure Switch – Hertman USA

Automatic Brush Type Self Cleaning Water Filter

Nominal flow per unit: 45~2350m³/h

Maximum operating pressure: 0.1~1.6Mpa

Pressure loss during cleaning:≤0.018Mpa

The highest working water temperature: 95°C

The rang of filter fineness: 10~3000 Micrometers

Water volume self-cleaning needed less than 1%

Self-cleaning time:10~60s

Self-cleaning control mode: pressure gage control

Time control manual operation

Electronic control mode: AC three-phase 380V/50HZ

Control interface: digital display, knob, switch

The type of filter screen: 316L mesh grid, cuneiform net