RG60-50 Mortar pump

RG60-50 Mortar pump

RG60-50 Mortar Pump is a kind of double-cylinder single-action piston pump. with the advantages of compact structure, reliable operation, low fault rate, convenient cleaning and maintenance, and high-pressure pump etc.

It is mainly applied for tunnel, mining project, dam, foundation engineering of big bridge and high-rise building, and the different kinds of underground engineering etc.

Matching with the special nozzle and small air compressor, RG60-50 can work as a mortar plastering machine. 


RG60-50 Mortar pump Feature

1.      Directional-control ball valve

2.      Hydraulic drive 

3.      Double-cylinder single-acting

4.      Integrate pump head and hopper; prevent eduction and deposition together with the paddle agitating

5.      Compact structure, convenient for maintaining



RG60-50 Mortar pump Technology Description


RG 60-50

Output capacity

60 L/min  (3.6m3/hour)


MPa (50 bar)

Inlet diameter

75 mm

Outlet diameter

50 mm

Conveying distance.

50m (vertical),120 m(Horizontal)

Max. particle diameter

5 mm

Cement: Sand


Hopper volume

160 L

Cylinder number


Cylinder diameter

90 mm

Piston stroke

145 mm

Piston Speed

82 /min

Power unit

7.5 KW


hydraulic drive


800 kg


1400×650×920 mm