semi-automatic concrete block making machine

semi-automatic concrete block making machine



brick making machine 
1.semi-sutomatic block machine 
2.can make many kinds of bricks 

Product Description

QTJ4-26C semi-automatic concrete block making machine
QTJ4-26C is one kind of semi-automatic block machine ,which is developed on the basis of small and medium model. The position-setting of the mould and the discharge head are more accrate.The down -mould adopts the vertical, directional vibrating device while the up-mould uses the pressure vibrating. So the blocks made by this machine are high in density and strength. Also the automatic material distributing system greatly increase the productivity.
semi-automatic block making machine, with belt conveyor, automatic feeding. can produce sizes of blocks by changing the moulds
This machine uses mechanical drive and manual manipulation to put the mixed material into the mold box, and use concrete vibrating to shape the block. Products made by it have good looking, clear edges and corners, weight error is ±3%, impact strength is as high as 10.5MP and the error is 10%, geometry size <± 1.5mm.
The machine has broad applications, it can not only produce concrete block, but also produce all kinds of loading bearing and nonbearing blocks with industrial residue like coal slack, fly ash, sintered aggregate, waste gypsum, etc.
Main Technical Specifications:

 Overall Size




 Pallet  Size




 Vibration Force


 Total Mass


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