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Filter application

Metallurgical: Casting water, purifying phosphorus water at high-pressure, cooling water filtration, nozzle protection.

Electrical power: turbine cooling water filtration, grey water recycling filtration, dust nozzle protection, cooling towers water filtration.

Raw water: filtering to sand, algae, and organic matter while extracting water in the lakes, rivers, reservoirs, wells and rainwater, groundwater.

Agriculture: spray irrigation, drip irrigation water treatment.

Others: the construction, steel, oil, chemicals, electronics, Power generation, textile, paper, food, sugar, pharmaceuticals, plastics, automotive industry, and so on.
It is widely used in drinking water treatment, the cycle of construction water treatment, the cycle of industrial water treatment, sewage treatment, and the cycle of mining water treatment, golf course water treatment and other fields. 

Filter projects
         For Metallurgy industry                                For Food industry                              For Pharmaceutical Industry

         For Construction industry                         For Chemical industry                             For the oil industry

         For pulp and paper sludge                        For steel industry                                    For textile industry

            For landscaping                                    For electronics industry                            For raw water treatment

Circulating Water Treatment Projects

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